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We ensure that our clients’ websites are kept secure and free from hacker infiltration


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Website Hosting

Website hosting these days can be much of a commodity service.

As a result, prices can be relatively cheap, and may give the false impression that once your website is hosted somewhere, you don’t have to think anymore about it.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Part of having your website hosted somewhere in the cloud, is that it needs regular checking for items such as:

  • Is the host server performing as it should?
  • Are all software modules up to date?
    • WordPress version
    • Theme version
    • Plugin versions
  • Are there unused and often obsolete plugin versions that should be deleted?
  • Are all Admin users set up with secure passwords? (WordPress-assigned 24-character random character passwords are strongly recommended)
  • Are all Admin users set up with 2FA (two factor authentication)? i.e. part of the login process should involve the Google Authenticator App and your phone.
  • Is your website scanned regularly for malware, password vulnerability, the presence of hackers’ hidden code, etc?
Basic hosting gives you rented space on a server, it does NOT cover the issues outlined above.

Website Technical Support

A key part of Go2web’s service offering includes attention to all of the above issues.

For example, we:

  • Visit all clients’ websites on a periodic basis and check all the above issues.
  • We ensure only authorised Admins have access and have 2FA installed.
  • We ensure all software modules are kept up to date.
  • We run the Wordfence software plugin on all websites regularly and act immediately if any issues are flagged up.

In short, we actively work to ensure that your website will not be compromised.

It is in our interest, as well as yours, that your website is free from unwanted intrusion and always available, working to promote your business.