SEO & Content Management

We build websites that consistently attract visitors

through good SEO & Content Management

Improve your online profile and target visitors
Search Engine Optimisation and good Content Management makes your site more visible and relevant to search engines, in turn making it more accessible. Go2web’s expertise in this key area improves awareness of your brand and targets visitors, with content tailored to your specific business needs.
Search engines play a major role in getting website traffic and exposure, and any serious website owner would agree that Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is critical to success. SEO is about content. With our SEO service, you can rest assured that all SEO guidelines will be carefully followed with high quality and search engine friendly content. All our websites are fully SEO ready when launched, and reviewed regularly to ensure they remain search engine friendly throughout their lives.
  • SEO Audit to understand how your website is performing
  • Keyword Research to find the optimal keywords
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On Page Optimisation
Content Management

Modern website projects require particular attention to SEO and Content Management. With over 20 years experience writing for a multitude of clients, Go2web’s expertise helps to bring visitors, and potential customers to your website, keeps the content relevant and makes sure search engine rankings stay high.

Go2web can undertake an analysis of your business, target audience and goals to create a bespoke solution – whether you need local SEO and Content Management to attract your local community, eCommerce SEO to promote your products or services, and a mobile SEO strategy to grow your mobile site traffic.

A good blog is engaging and holds the attention of the reader. Good blog writing is an art in itself. Go2web can deliver structured posts rich in content with an understanding of client expectations, as well as those of the target audience. We work with external blogging experts, which helps to cater to the blog writing needs of a diverse clientele. We also ensure that blog posts are written with the average reader in mind so that they can get the most out of the content.
  • Blog alignment with keywords and meta tags
  • 100% unique, original content
  • Complete blog management –  Writing, images and posting
  • Expertise across multiple industries and niches