Go2web has been working designing and building websites for more than 20 years. Our skills are in the area of website design, SEO, Google rankings, content management / blogging, and we look after the technical aspects of secure hosting and domain management. Modern website projects often, however, need other skills: legal forms, photography, videography, content writing, domain/email services, secure hosting and marketing consultancy. We have assembled a great team of outside suppliers of these services that we are more than happy to both work with, and refer on as quality suppliers in their own right. These are featured below:

Virtual Lawyer

Karl Hutchinson

Phone: 086 677 5537

Email: karl@plugged.ie


Plugged.ie is a legal resource hub, that makes the job of making your website fully legally compliant easy! For a moderate fee, you get access to resources such as: cyber security and GDPR policies, e-commerce Ts & Cs, opt-in clauses, website compliance and protection checklists, website terms and conditions, cookie statements, and much more. A subscription to this resource costs €125 + VAT.

See the full list of resources available here.

Marketing Consultant

Lissa McPhillips

Phone: (086) 168 0903

Email: Lissa@dynamicmarketing.ie


Commercial Photographer

Dena Shearer

Phone: (085) 235 5902

Email: denashearer25@gmail.com


Through her marketing consultancy business, www.dynamicmarketing.ie, Lissa helps businesses achieve more sales with better marketing.

As an outsourced Head of Marketing, Lissa works with businesses owners and their leadership teams to provide a roadmap to growth; works with in-house teams to conduct deep-dive audits of current marketing initiatives and make recommendations to evolve, adapt and optimise them; and she can work on a project-by-project basis as needed. She is commercially focused and results driven and has the evidence to prove it!

Dena has a passion for the wonderful world we live in. Her love for travel, people and food brought her to where she is today. She is the owner of a Food, Lifestyle and Portrait Photography business called Luvly Content. She has collaborated with go2web on the photography required on a recent TOV project – Bracken Family Practice.

Dena has a vast experience working with people and an in-depth knowledge of the food industry, which makes her a highly valuable food photographer!

Content Writer

Karissa Higgins

Phone: (087) 992 8537

Email: karissa@writeme.ie



Paul McDermott

Phone: (085) 741 7269

Email: hello@socialvideohq.ie


Writeme’s experienced team of high-level writers provide insight, depth and expertise for as little or as much support as you need to keep your strategic and promotional goals on track. Go2web has worked with Karissa on a number of website projects including Tara Engineering, DEMAC Electrical, Pepola Consultants, O’Higgins Solicitors , Carberry Refrigeration, TAF Heating & Plumbing, Wacky Clothing, Furlong Flooring, and Bees on the Roof. Karissa is a skilled content writer for website projects, whatever your sector or business.

Paul is the Creative Director of Social Video HQ, producing Brand Videos & Social Media Videos, Animations and providing Video Production Training for business. He creates bespoke, tailored videos that communicate the essence of your business directly to your target market. Joint projects include: Beacon Dental, Beacon Sleep Medicine, Clontarf Aesthetic Dentistry and Paul’s own website, Social Video HQ.

Server Management

Matt McGee

Phone: (087) 293 1998

Email: info@delegator.ie


Delegator manages and maintains all go2web’s cloud resources.

Go2web’s customer websites are hosted across a variety of secure servers, in the UK, Holland and Germany.

Delegator’s product and service offering includes Secure Bookings & Payment Integration – Private Cloud, On-Premises and everything in between.