With the plethora of CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS available how do you decide on the best solution for your needs? And what should you be concerned with? Are there things that you don’t know that you need to know? And how will you filter out the facts from the fiction.

Go2web uses WordPress for several reasons. We think this open-source technology is powerful and accessible. It empowers people all around the world to think, learn, grow and contribute to the continuously growing community of users. WordPress now powers approximately 23{c3af52fa3124dcaca194d5434ec9d495c41535a5a6cc96abf3c98da77ab2a567} of all websites, in the form of blogs, websites, applications, social networks and internal portals. As you may come to find, if should you ever want to learn more about WordPress, there are multiple forums, online tutorials, and books available to help you to do more than you could imagine. WordPress by default already offers powerful features.

Simplicity – It’s easy to get online and begin publishing your information.
Flexibility – Use WordPress for almost any type of website. Blogging, small website, new social network or more. Extend the functionality of your site with plugins, or change the way it looks.
Search Engine Optimized – Search engines love WordPress by default. For more control of how you optimize each page, there are plugins for that.
Easy Publishing – If you’ve ever written a simple text document with Microsoft Word, or even with an email, then you’ll feel write at home writing with WordPress. You’ll already be able to write pages and posts and insert media into them with ease.
Publishing Tools – Manage how and when your content gets published. Tools are provided to allow you to save posts as drafts, or for further review, to schedule when a post is released, or to even password protect pages.
Own Your Data – With WordPress, you can quickly backup/save all of your data with the click of button. You are the owner of your website and the data contained within it.
Commenting system – It’s very easy for friends or strangers to offer feedback about something you’ve published. And the system allows you to moderate, modify or remove comments easily.

The list continues on. And we’re happy to share more with you. It’s possible that this system could be the right solution for your needs!

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